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The Faculty is Saddened by the Passing of International Fellow Prof. Eddie Lai

7 March 2024 1:47pm

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The Faculty of Dental Trainers is very sad to learn of the sudden passing of its first international Fellows, Prof Eddie Hsiang - Hua Lai (1967-2023). He was an important figure in SEAADE and a very strong supporter of the FDT and Edinburgh College, as well as an RCSEd International Dental Ambassador.

Below is the eulogy written in his memory by SEAADE.

Professor Lai was the President of the Taiwan Association of Orthodontics, a councilor of SEAADE and the Director General of the Department of Oral Health at the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He had been a leader in dental education and public service in Southeast Asia for over a decade.

Professor Lai achieved Fellowship of the Faculty of Dental Trainers in March 2021, and was the first FDT Fellow from Taiwan. He was dedicated to patient care and safety by promoting the highest standards of training in dentistry. His achievements included the editing of the first textbook of family dentistry, as well as the standardisation of the accreditation for dental teaching in hospitals.

He had won several awards for his achievements: the Dental Education Contribution Award of the Association for Dental Sciences of the Taiwan, ROC (2017), a Silver Award in Dental Education of Taiwan Dental Association (2017), the Outstanding Teacher Award of Taiwan Dental Association (2015), and a Dental Education Contribution Award of The Association of Family Dentistry (2015).

Prof Lai’s legacy lives on within the College and the relationships he developed, but overall, his fellowship and friendship for everyone associated with the FDT is remembered fondly.