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Reaction to the launch of FDT

Leaders from across the profession have given us their views on why the Faculty of Dental Trainers is a positive development


“Training the dental team requires high levels of knowledge, clinical ability and communication. The skills of the trainer in imparting these often goes unrecognised and it can be difficult to access ongoing development. The Faculty of Dental Trainers is an extremely positive initiative to support and enhance the quality of training in our profession.”
Professor Callum Youngson, Head of the School of Dentistry, University of Liverpool

“We believe that high quality training and education is central to good patient care. The aspirations of the new Faculty are in tune with those of the BDA. We wish the new Faculty success in its mission.”
Mick Armstrong, Chair of the BDA




“Training is such an important element of professional development; providing a forum in which best practice can be recognised and disseminated has the potential to positively impact on patient care, which has to be our highest priority.”
Margie Taylor, Chief Dental Officer for Scotland


"This is an excellent initiative which recognises the importance and necessity of the whole dental team in providing the highest quality patient care. I believe that this will help to set exceptionally high new standards in an already progressive profession.”
Michaela O'Neill, President, British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy


"It is often said that training is patient safety for the next thirty years. Consistent high quality standards for training are key to delivering optimal patient care. This is the first time that the contributions to training made by all members of the dental team are being recognised and supported in a single Faculty home."
Dr David Felix, Dean of Postgraduate Dental Education, NHS Education for Scotland


“The vital importance of supporting trainers has been highlighted by the success of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, and it is now the perfect time for dental trainers to receive the same degree of support from the Faculty of Dental Trainers.”
Mr Craig McIlhenny, Surgical Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers



“In opening the Faculty of Dental Trainers, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh aims to create a professional home for recognised dental trainers, enabling those who join to demonstrate their commitment to training and education.

Today, dentists and dental care professionals deliver patient care across many sectors and in multiple settings, from public and community services, hospital services, to Armed Services, colleges and universities. Our new Faculty will help to establish clear and consistent guidelines that unify training standards across the breadth of modern dentistry."
Professor William P Saunders, Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgery, RCSEd