Join the Faculty of Dental Trainers
The Faculty of Dental Trainers

How to join

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Dental Trainers. There are three levels of membership:

Fellow, Member and Associate

Membership is open to all those in the UK and internationally who have an interest in dental training, regardless of Royal College affiliation, and can provide evidence of the appropriate level of involvement. Members and Fellows will be awarded the post-nominals MDTFEd and FDTFEd.

Tips for applying

A successful application depends upon providing the evidence on which your application is assessed. Those assessing your application will refer to three educational domains to judge whether you have demonstrated that you have attained the appropriate standard for membership of the Faculty.

Remember that you should base your application around your dental training and educational activity, focused within the three domains and areas. Also remember to set out your achievements clearly for the Assessment Panel.

To apply to join, please download the application form and submit all the required documentation together to the Faculty Office.