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FDT goes to the USA

2 March 2017 11:06am

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Vice-Dean of the RCSEd Dental Faculty, Dr Sarah Manton will be in North Carolina in March 2017 to deliver a presentation about the Faculty of Dental Trainers. Dr Manton will be giving a poster presentation at the 29th annual meeting of the Special Care Dentistry Association from 10-12 March.

The conference will feature a range of oral, poster and roundtable education sessions presented by subject-matter experts in the special care field.

Dr Manton will explain to delegates that the FDT was launched in response to the need to develop and recognise trainers and educators in dentistry, saying "Whereas there are curricula and standards set out for both the undergraduate and postgraduate training of the dental team, the standards asked of those providing training in the UK are not defined. Nevertheless, it is a requirement that all those responsible for training others disseminate good educational practice and have been themselves trained to deliver consistent standards of excellence."

The Faculty is open to dentists, therapists, hygienists, dental nurses, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians. International applications are welcomed and the Faculty is open to everyone – regardless of College affiliation – who can demonstrate appropriate involvement in dental training and education. Since the launch, there have been successful applications at all levels from across the world, including the USA.