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First Annual Conference of the Faculty of Dental Trainers

6 July 2017 4:05pm

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The Faculty of Dental Trainers is pleased to announce its first annual conference will be held jointly with the College's Faculty of Surgical Trainers, in Birmingham on the 4 October 2017.

The theme of this year’s conference is Time to Train. In this conference, we shall investigate how we can ensure that trainers have the time to train properly. We will also explore how you can secure training time in your job plan and how to make the most of that time. We will consider the standards that are appropriate for dental trainers, as well as the value of assessing non-technical skills.

This joint meeting is open to surgeons, dentists and DCPs with an interest in training and education. A flyer for the conference is available for download here

For part of the morning session, the dental delegates will be joining with surgical colleagues to address the difficult issues of 'getting time to train', with world-class speakers including Professor Wendy Reid, Director of Education and Quality at HEE, Ms Stella Vig, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Chair of the Core Surgical Training Committee, and Mr Dermot O’Riordan, Consultant Surgeon and previous CEO of West Suffolk Trust. The dental delegates will then be splitting off for separate talks and workshops. 

The Faculty of Dental Trainers is currently developing a Standards for Dental Trainers document and is also working on how to introduce non-technical skills into training. These are exciting developments and our aim is for guidance to have relevance to all trainers of the dental team.

For further details and to book your place at the Conference, visit the RCSEd website.