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Mrs Lynn Chalinder DipDH AFHEA MDTFEd

Mrs Lynn Chalinder's career in Dentistry began in 1989 when she started Dental nursing in a busy NHS practice in 1989. During her time as a nurse, she applied to the Birmingham Dental School to train to become a Hygienist as the next stage in her career progression. On leaving the practice to embark on this training, she trained a new nurse to take over the role she was leaving behind. It was from here onwards that the comment ‘you would make a wonderful teacher’ seemed to keep cropping up.

Lynn gained a wealth of clinical experience as a Hygienist in a variety of settings and informally trained many dental nurses over the years, as well as helping and mentoring those undertaking the hygiene course. However, the desire to become a clinical teacher was always an aspiration but family circumstances had not permitted this in the early part of her career.

Fast forward to 2014 when she was appointed as a Hygienist Clinical Supervisor at the Peninsula Dental School in Plymouth. A dream come true. She quickly embarked on training both BDS and DTH students throughout all of the year groups as well as becoming part of the equality and diversity committee and a pastoral tutor. There was always excellent feedback from colleagues and students but still no formal teaching qualifications and an uncertainty as to how to ensure she was giving the students the best educational experience she was capable of.

Plymouth University afforded Lynn the opportunity to work towards an associate fellowship of the HEA which really helped formalise her style of teaching, helping her to better understand formal teaching styles. She was then encouraged by the Dental School to investigate RCSEd’s Faculty of Dental Trainers as a committed group of people who are passionate about delivering high quality dental teaching. With encouragement from our Clinical Director, she moved forward to become a Member of the Faculty of Dental Trainers.

"Being a Member of the FDT has allowed me to gain confidence and recognition for my career in clinical teaching in parity with other team members. Being a Member of the FDT has given me a sense of achievement as well as confidence in the standard of teaching I deliver optimising outcomes for both students and patients alike. Delivering a high standard of holistic care for patients and teaching students to share the same outlook remains my top priority. Having a group of people in the Faculty of Dental Trainers to share knowledge and understanding with, as well as the option of joining in with other examinations and teaching elsewhere is incredibly reassuring. I have found the confidence to deliver lectures and share knowledge in improved ways than when I first began my teaching career. The next step on my career ladder is to graduate to Fellowship of the Faculty as further recognition of my enthusiasm and commitment to clinical teaching."