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Faculty of Dental Trainers Attending The Scottish Dental Show

24 April 2019 3:52pm

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The Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT) will be attending The Scottish Dental Show on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April 2019. Launched in 2016, the FDT It is the first Faculty of its kind to include all members of the dental team; from dentists, nurses, hygienists, therapists, technicians, clinicians to orthodontic therapists.

This year's Show provides the Faculty with an ideal opportunity to reinforce the importance of high quality dental training for the entire dental team, with patient safety and the best possible patient outcomes at its core.

A key focus for the Faculty at the Show will be the promotion of DeNTS (Non-Technical Dental Skills).  This new training tool, which will be piloted during 2019, can be used in the workplace to help trainers develop their training skills, rate their performances and receive feedback on their progress during training. It is also a means of assessing non-technical skills (i.e. decision making, leadership, communication, teamworking) for dentists.

We will also be highlighting the benefits of membership of the Faculty. Almost three hundred Associates, Members and Fellows from the UK and around the globe are already taking advantage of the benefits of membership which include:

  •  Recognition of excellence in training
  • Postnominals for Members and Fellows
  • External validation of the quality of work as a trainer/educator for employers & colleagues
  • Support for appraisal processes & a reflective log
  • Evidence that can be included in CVs and job applications
  • Networking and CPD in a Faculty for the whole dental team

Faculty Director Dr Sarah Manton and Mr Alistair Geraghty will be presenting workshops on Human Factors and non-technical skills in Dentistry on Saturday 27 April 2019 at 10:45-11:45 and 12:15-13:15 at the Scottish Dental Show hosted in Atrium 1. 

We invite those attending this year’s exhibition to visit us at stand F17 to learn more about FDT, FDT workshops at the show and DeNTS (Non-Technical Dental Skills).

To learn more about the FDT, DeNTS, membership criteria and how to apply, visit us at stand F17 or email