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Britain’s Oldest Surgical Royal College Launch UK’s First Dental Training Faculty

5 August 2016 4:00pm

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The UK’s first faculty aimed at supporting dental trainers has been launched by Britain’s oldest surgical College. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, having successfully launched the UK's only Faculty of Surgical Trainers, is building on that success with this first-of-its-kind faculty for dentistry, focused on promoting, recognising and rewarding teaching, training and education in dentistry.

“It is of concern that there has been no document setting out standards for trainers, or a home for recognising teaching and training qualifications for the dental team", said Dr Sarah Manton (pictured), Vice-Dean of the RCSEd’s Faculty of Dental Surgery and project lead: "This new Faculty aims to follow the example of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers and identify standards of good practice for trainers in dentistry, both in the UK and internationally."

Enhancing the quality of patient care and ensuring that patient needs are met safely are the main focus of the Faculty of Dental Trainers (FDT). A survey carried out by the College showed that two-thirds of respondents would be interested in joining such a faculty which will be a platform for the recognition of dental trainers and will provide a framework to promote and guide them throughout their educational careers. It will be open to all qualified members of the dental team working in the UK and internationally: dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists, dental therapists, technicians and orthodontic therapists who can demonstrate their involvement in appropriate dental training.

To improve the quality of patient care, the FDT will:
• Reward interest, engagement and achievement in dental training.
• Establish a Faculty home for recognised dental trainers
• Provide support and guidance for career development in dental training
• Promote standards in training

It will provide support and guidance for career development in dental training, as well as establishing a platform for recognised dental trainers. With a strong focus on patient needs, the Faculty's aim is to spread the message that excellent dental training delivers excellent patient care.

“We are absolutely delighted to launch this new Faculty, which will cater for the specific needs of those involved in the delivery of dental training and education," Sarah continues. "The FDT’s membership structure has been designed to be broad and inclusive. Not only does this reflect modern dental practice, but it also allows the new Faculty to welcome and provide recognition for as many dental trainers as possible.”

Having three levels of membership, Associate, Member (MFDTEd) and Fellow (FFDTEd), the FDT aims to identify, develop and recognise standards to support career development and progression for those involved in dental training. Membership will be attractive to employers and will benefit applicants who are applying for teaching and training posts, as well as those developing their careers.

Professor William Saunders (pictured), Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, concludes: “In opening the Faculty of Dental Trainers, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh aims to create a professional home for recognised dental trainers, enabling those who join to demonstrate their commitment to training and education.

Today, dentists and dental care professionals deliver patient care across many sectors and in multiple settings, from public and community services, hospital services, to the Armed Services, colleges and universities. Our new Faculty will help to establish clear and consistent guidelines that unify training standards across the breadth of modern dentistry."